我们邀请您参加我们将于2023年在上海举行的讲师指导的MES/MOM基础能力证书活动。这个全面的教育计划包括MES / MOM课程,例如:
We invite you to attend our instructor-led Certificate of Awareness event coming up Year 2023, Shanghai. This comprehensive educational program includes MES/MOM courses such as:

  • MES / MOM在全球供应链中可扩展的持续改进中的作用
  • 全球市场推进自适应制造2.0架构
  • 制造运营标准之间的关系...
  • 还有更多!
  • The Role of MES/MOM for Scalable Continuous Improvement across Global Supply Chains
  • Global Market Advances Adaptive Manufacturing 2.0 Architecture
  • Relationships between Manufacturing Operations Standards
  • ...And more!
在每门课程结束时,您将对每门课程中学到的方法和内容进行测试。成功的代表将获得证书以及在其名片和电子邮件签名等上使用MESA GEP徽标的权利。
At the end of each course, you will be tested on the methodologies and content learned in each course. Successful delegates are awarded a certificate and the right to use the MESA GEP logos on their business cards and email signatures, etc.
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*MES/MOM – Manufacturing Execution Systems/Manufacturing Operations Management
*MES/MOM – 制造执行系统/制造运营管理                                                                     

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